Thursday, December 20, 2018

Why Is My Furnace Not Igniting?

Gas furnaces are one of the most popular means of home heating. Like any appliance, your gas furnace will occasionally need repairs. A common issue with gas furnaces is a failure to ignite. If your furnace does not ignite, one of these components may be causing the issue.

Air Filters

If your air filters are especially dirty, they may be impeding airflow to and from your furnace. It will not ignite if airflow is too restricted. Try replacing your air filters and see if your furnace will ignite. Continue to replace your air filters regularly. Keeping your filters clean will improve both your indoor air quality and the performance of your heating system.


You've raised the thermostat temperature, but your furnace hasn't responded. In some cases, the problem isn't the furnace itself, but a faulty thermostat. If your thermostat's screen is unresponsive, or if your programmed settings are lost, the thermostat is likely to be the problem. Contact a heating repair technician to determine the cause of the issue.


If your burners are rusty or have begun to corrode, they will not ignite. A heating contractor can clean the burners for you or replace them if necessary.

Circuit Breaker

Modern gas furnaces are lit by an electric ignition system. Check the circuit breaker connected to your furnace. If the circuit breaker has been tripped, turn it off for several minutes and then try to reset it. If the furnace continues to trip the breaker, call a Blackie’s Heating and Air Conditioning HVAC technician for repairs right away.

Safety Switch

The furnace's burners will not turn on if the safety switch is open. The safety switch could be triggered by a clogged flue, a failing blower, or a dirty air filter. A repair technician can diagnose the problem and ensure that your furnace is running safely.

If your furnace isn't igniting properly, contact us to schedule heating service.

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