Thursday, November 15, 2018

Signs You Need Furnace Repair

Before winter hits, you want to make sure your furnace is in good working condition. Faulty pilot lights, dirty air filters, and other issues can make your furnace less energy efficient and less functional for keeping your home warm.

Are you in need of furnace repair? Before you begin to rely heavily on your heating unit on for the season, use this guide to help you determine if it's time to call a furnace specialist for repairs.

You haven't had your furnace inspected

Responsible furnace care and maintenance involves having your heating appliance inspected every year before use. Some homeowners have their furnace inspected during the summer so repairs can be made in advance of winter use. If you haven't had your furnace inspected in recent months, or can't remember the last time you had your unit serviced, you may be in need of repairs.

Call your HVAC specialist to check out your furnace, even if you haven't had issues with your heating unit in the past. Small repairs done now can prevent costly replacement in the future.

Your heating bill keeps going up

Furnaces will start to use a lot of energy to keep areas warm when they start to fail. Pay attention to your energy bill; if your heating costs keep going up every year, poor air filtration, a failing motor, or even a deteriorating heating element may be to blame. Your heating specialist will make repairs to your unit by replacing dated or worn elements or may recommend replacing your appliance for a modern model.

Your heating is unreliable

Do you have to constantly check your thermostat and reset your furnace to keep your home warm? Your furnace should be able to supply you with reliable, consistent heat. Power breaker surges, declining heat, or poor heat quality in your furnace are all signs your unit is in need of repairs.

Always hire a professional furnace and heating specialist to inspect your appliance for you. Contact us today to schedule a system inspection. Home repairs are not recommended, so it’s best to invest in quality furnace repair when your unit isn't working as it should.


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