Thursday, May 16, 2019

5 Things That Your Air Conditioning Contractor Should Never Do

When deciding who to choose for your air conditioning contractor, there are certain characteristics and behaviors to look out for. Good air conditioning contractors typically have positive reviews and recommendations, an easily navigable website, punctuality, professionalism, and reasonable rates. It's important as a consumer to understand what types of things a reputable air conditioning company would never do, so we’ve listed a few of them below:

  • Take All the Money Up Front: When it comes to tune-ups and repairs, an air conditioning contractor will typically finish the work first and then bill you for it. When it comes to AC installation, they may ask for some money first, as they will have to make large purchases. But a good AC contractor will typically not ask upfront for all the money.
  • Show Up Two Hours Late: Punctuality is the sign of any good contractor. So, even if someone comes highly recommended to you, don't trust them if they can't show up at the time they say they will.
  • Return a Repaired AC Which Breaks Down Two Days Later: If a contractor takes away a window unit and brings it back, saying that it is repaired, only to have it break down after a couple of days, this is not a sign of reliability.
  • Advise You to Go for Outdated AC Systems: If you've been looking at AC systems and want to get something new but your AC contractor is telling you to get something outdated, either because it's cheap or because they are more familiar with that system, don't listen to them. Speak to some other contractors and get their opinion too.
  • Advise You to Replace a Newly-Installed System: Why would an AC contractor ask you to replace something that you just got a year or two before? It just indicates that they are out to get money from you. Go with someone who gives you reasonable, logical advice instead.

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