Thursday, September 20, 2018

Air Conditioning Service Tips for Fall

The temperature is dropping, which means homeowners are beginning to think about end-of-summer home maintenance. This fall, don't leave air conditioning service off your to-do list. The change of seasons can have a number of effects on your home systems, and pushing HVAC maintenance off can have costly consequences.

Vacuum your AC unit

As leaves begin to fall, they can easily be pulled into your AC unit. Additionally, grass bits thrown into the air while mowing your lawn, lint particles that escape through your dryer vent, and dust in the air on a hot summer day can stick to your unit's coils, creating an insulating barrier that reduces efficiency. In time, dirt, pollen, pebbles and bugs can wind up clogging up your unit. Use an industrial vacuum to clear your AC of unwanted debris.

Clear the condensate drain tube

Condensation formed on the air conditioning coils can lead to bacteria and slime, which can clog up your drain tubes. The result is pooling, nasty water that can turn into bigger problems, like ineffective cooling or a smelly AC. Clear out the tubes to keep your unit free of bacteria and working properly. Use a diluted bleach solution to kill any bacteria.

Check the surroundings

The perfect environment for an AC unit is on firm, level ground that isn't crowded. If the land surrounding your unit is starting to slope, take the time to level it out. Also, make sure the area is clear of unnecessary items like toys, lawn furniture or broken branches. Leave at least a 2-foot clearance around the AC.

Arrange for seasonal AC maintenance

Conducting basic maintenance on your AC unit can help in identifying problems early. However, it's also a good idea to have your unit inspected periodically to ensure any small issues are fixed before they become larger problems.

Your air conditioner should keep your home cool for years to come, and proper maintenance is the best way to ensure it'll last. To schedule a maintenance check with Blackie’s Heating and Air Conditioning, contact us today.

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