Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Your Energy Efficiency Guide to Spring

There's no doubt about it: spring is in the air. So while right now we are all enjoying the milder temperatures, soon we'll all be cranking up our AC, and relaxing comfortably in our homes on hot days. Until, that is, we get that first cooling bill.

So to help you save money, here is your guide on energy efficiency, and how to save money on your heating and cooling bill.

Keep your thermostat someplace neutral. If your thermostat is in a place that can send a false reading, your HVAC might be running unnecessarily. This is true no matter the season.

Install a timer or programmable thermostat to help limit usage. With a timer installed, you can set it to work when you need it to. For example, if you are at work all day, you can time it to turn on shortly before you arrive home, reducing your energy usage.

Depending on the type of vents you have in your home, aim them so that they hit the ceiling, or are pointed up. This enables natural circulation and a reduction of usage.

If you use window air conditioners, consider replacing them if they aren't Energy Star rated. AC units that have a higher seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) rating, are almost 15% more efficient than older models; money that adds up quickly!

Install ceiling fans to move air and reduce your cooling system use. This is especially true if you use window air conditioners. A ceiling fan uses much less energy, saving you money.

Have a professional come out for an annual service check and tune up. Problems in energy efficiency can be stomped out fast when a professional steps in. Proper, and regular, maintenance goes a long way in saving you money and keeping you cool.

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